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Pros And Cons Of A Dining Room Table With Built-In Leaves

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When you buy a dining room table, you want to be sure that it's large enough to accommodate not only your immediate family but also larger groups that you'll likely have over for meals. Many people buy dining tables that come with one or two leaves, which can make it easy to expand the surface area of the table. One option to consider is a table that has built-in leaves that fold down into the table when you don't need them. This is a design commonly known as a butterfly leaf table. Consider the following points about this table while you shop.

Pro: Quick Setup

When you have a table with leaves that you store in the basement or garage, you have to go retrieve them whenever you want to expand the size of the table. And, when it's time to return the table to its smaller size after your gathering, you'll need to carry the leaves back to where you store them. A butterfly leaf table offers quick setup and takedown — you can change the size of the table in mere seconds because the leaves are already a part of it.

Con: Potential For Pinched Fingers

You can change the size of a table that has built-in leaves quickly, but you need to do so carefully. Operating this type of table can sometimes leave you at risk of pinching a finger. The last thing that you want is a sore finger, especially if you were to suffer it while setting up the table in advance of a dinner party. You may find that a dining room table with separate leaves is less likely to pinch you as you set it up.

Pro: Less Storage Space Needed

Table leaves aren't enormous on their own, but they still require storage space. If you have a smaller house or a condo unit, your available storage space may be at a premium. It can thus be a hassle to find a space to store your leaves where they're out of the way, but also easy enough to retrieve. With a butterfly leaf table, you don't have this worry.

Con: Heavier To Move

A big advantage of a table with removable leaves is that it's lighter to move when the need arises. Conversely, a butterfly leaf table is very heavy, and this can make it difficult to move. If you anticipate moving several times over the next several years, the idea of carrying this table can be daunting.