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3 Features In A Space-Saving Workstation

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Finding a comfortable work environment, especially in your home office, can be a challenge because of limited space. Buying a workstation instead of a simple desk can give you the most versatility if you select the right model.

Choose An L-Shape

The L-shape workstations make the most use out of small spaces. You can easily place the workstation in the corner of a room, which is more versatile if you have a home office in the living room or other tight spaces. Depending on the exact position of your L-shaped workstation, it can also be used by two people simultaneously or as a desk to consult with clients. Instead of having the entire desk facing the corner of the room, position the workstation so only one portion of the "L" is touching a wall. This way, clients can sit at the desk, or someone else in your home can use one portion of the workstation while you use the other.

Pay Attention To Height

The height of your workstation can work to your advantage when you are trying to save space. Be sure there is enough room underneath to fit a small filing cabinet or plastic drawer set. Plastic drawer sets are the most versatile option because they often come with wheels. Depending on the height of your workstation, it may be high enough to accommodate the drawers while the wheels are still attached so you can move the drawers around even when it is full. A higher workstation may also accommodate a larger printer, such as a multifunction inkjet or small laser printer. The height of the workstation will also factor into comfort. If you currently have a desk that is comfortable, measure the height so you can be certain your workstation will be appropriate for your height.

Include A Hutch

Some workstations come with a hutch or you may be able to buy one separately that will also fit. Hutches often serve multiple functions, which eliminates the need for other office furniture. For example, you can often place a desktop monitor on one of the shelves to help raise the monitor to a comfortable eye level or to use multiple monitors simultaneously. Your hutch should be able to accommodate some books and office supplies in addition to a smaller printer. Since the hutch is typically a completely separate piece from the workstation, you should consider installing wall-mounting for added stability, much like brackets used to prevent large furniture items from falling onto children.

Making the most out of limited office space requires buying the right desk. Choosing an L-shaped workstation will help you maximize even the most limited spaces.

Reach out to a furniture supplier that offers used workstations for sale to learn more.