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Are Composite Wood Bookcases Any Good?

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Are you ready to upgrade your bookcases or cabinets? Do you have bookcases in a room that need to be modernized so that they are more space efficient and stylish? If you are in the market for new wood bookcases, there are quite a few choices to make. For example, there are all sorts of prefabricated bookcase system that you can buy at specialty furniture stores, big box retailers, and home improvement stores. These are usually made with a focus on easy assembly and affordability.

Real Wood Or Laminate Wood

Almost all of these products are going to be made out of some sort of composite material. That is, most of these aren't made from real wood. Also, many products have laminated finishes instead of actual stains. So instead of real wood grains with rich stains, you have laminate finishes with printed-on wood grains.

Composite Wood

While many people steer clear of these composite materials, there are many advantages to installing a composite product. First of all, the price is unmatched. The actual cost of the composite materials, not to mention how much you can save if you install them by yourself without hiring a professional, enables you to potentially save thousands of dollars on your bookcase system. Also, these bookcases systems require very little upkeep, repairs, or refinishing over the years. That is, the laminate finishes are permanent and never need to be reapplied.

Different Grades and Prices

Of course, the systems are not all one and the same. As with custom bookcases, you get what you pay for. That is, the grade of the composite used is going to impact the price of your bookcases, as well the finish and laminate durability. Some products basically look cheap and plastic-like, and they are actually made out of lower grade materials, with cheaper woods and hardware.

But, there are also very realistic laminates that have a texture and finish that looks very much like real wood. Some people actually can't even tell the difference between these modern, high-grade laminate and real wooden bookcases. If you just want a solid color bookcase, you will have a variety of laminate options to select from.

The important thing you need to consider before buying composite bookcases is your budget and your ability to take care of your bookcases in the long run. Don't even consider real wood bookcases if you don't have the time or patience to take care of the finish.