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3 Tips for Decorating Your First Grown-up Apartment

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After a lifetime of living with parents and perhaps in dorm rooms, it's time for your first adult apartment. You want it to be sophisticated and pulled together, but it also needs to fit your young-adult budget. Here are a few ideas for putting together a grownup apartment that will wow your friends and family when they come to visit:

1. Focus on Furniture Sets

Buying furniture in a set instead of as individual pieces has several benefits. Furniture sets are designed to go together, so even if they don't match exactly (it's usually better to mix things up a bit), the colors and designs will complement each other. This means you end up with a cohesive look for your space with very minimal effort, and you don't have to worry about furniture clashing.

Furniture stores often give discounts when you buy multiple pieces at the same time. You may be able to apply for financing to make buying an apartment worth of furniture at once more manageable. Just be sure to make a plan to pay it off within a few months, or before the introductory zero interest period ends. The idea is to end up with nice furniture that will last a long time, so you don't have to frequently replace pieces.

2. Figure Out Your Decorating Style

When adding finishing touches, like wall art, throw pillows, and small accent furniture, it's a good idea to already know your own style preferences. You can then use this decorating style to guide your purchases and narrow things down. To get a clear idea of your design taste, spend time watching decorating shows or reading budget decorating blogs. You will most likely notice that you gravitate toward the same style over and over, such as farmhouse chic or light and beachy.

3. Splurge on Details

Being a discount shopper is great, but sometimes it pays to splurge a bit on the small details that will make your home feel more comfortable. Buying the best quality bedding and towels you can reasonably afford is something you will feel grateful for every time you go to bed or take a shower. Small luxuries are easier to budget for but can help transition your apartment from college to adulthood.

Decorating and furnishing your first adult apartment is an exciting time in life. By following these tips, like buying furniture sets and buying items to suit your style, you will end up with an apartment you love without breaking the bank.