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Five Things To Look For In Great Patio Chairs

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If you have a patio, that space will be so much more enjoyable when outfitted with furniture... the most important of which is a set of patio chairs. But with thousands of patio chair styles on the market, how do you know which chairs are best for you? Here are five things to look for in great patio chairs.

1. A Cross-Back Design

Take a look at the backs of the patio chairs. You want a set that has two pieces of material that cross over one another. This design makes sure the pressure distribution across your back is even, so your back does not get sore as you sit in the patio chair. Cross-back chairs are also less likely to break because the structure is more stable than say, that of a mesh chair.

2. Waterproof Material

Patio chairs need to stand up to the outdoor elements. Wood chairs are popular, and they can work on a patio -- but only if you look for well-sealed wooden chairs. Painted wood is also a safe bet, as long as the paint is water resistant. In addition to wood, vinyl is a great option for patio chairs. It does not have the same natural look, but it's very durable and easy to clean.

3. Comfortable Padding

Those plain, plastic patio chairs with hard seats are a bit mundane, and they won't feel comfortable after a few minutes. Look instead for patio chairs with detachable pads. You can put the pads on when you use the chair, but then remove them and store them inside when you are not using them.

4. A Dark Color

You might be used to seeing patio chairs in white, but think about how dirty those chairs often look and all the time you'll spend keeping them clean. Patio chairs in a darker color, like brown or black, will be easier to keep clean. You can just hose them off now and then, and not worry about more serious stains.

5. A Good Warranty

Just in case you get your patio chairs home and realize that one was not built properly, you want to look for chairs that come with a good warranty. A one-year warranty is the minimum you should look for, but some of the best chairs come with a longer warranty. 

If you find patio chairs with the qualities above, you can be confident you are making a good purchase. To learn more, visit a website like KENWOODFURNISHINGS.COM.