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Ideas For Coordinating Pillows, Blankets, And Sofa Upholstery

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Adding throw pillows and blankets to your sofa is a great way to update your living room's overall appearance. Indeed, changing out those accent items seasonally can give your décor a dynamic feel. However, just buying accent pieces that you like and tossing them on the sofa isn't a surefire way to complement its upholstery. Try one of the ideas below for a fresh take on your living room décor.

Complement Colors in the Upholstery

While the best method for coordinating sofa upholstery with accent pieces may seem to match colors, it's not the only approach. Instead, you could complement the pattern by choosing a color opposite on the color wheel.

For example, imagine you have a pattern with shades of orange. Blue is the complementary color. If you choose a pillow or throw in any shade of blue, it will make your sofa upholstery pop. You could even choose patterned accent pieces as long as their print is bold and graphic. You want the emphasis to be on the accent piece's color not pattern.

Layer Patterns

That said, layering patterns is a very attractive approach. If your sofa's upholstery is solid-colored, you can do all the layering with the pillows and blanket.

So, say you start with a cream-colored sofa. You could choose a throw blanket with a variegated pattern that features a cream color among, say, greens. You can match that with a pillow or two in a different green-and-cream pattern. The greens have to match exactly, though, to keep the arrangement cohesive.

Coordinate One Patterns with Solid Colors

If it seems a little too tricky to coordinate different patterns, stick to just one. In that case, you can choose a more ornate or colorful pattern. The print can match the sofa color or complement it using the formula above. From there, though, you'll want to mix in solid-colored accent pieces.

For example, start with a throw blanket in a unique print. Choose one or two colors from the print, and buy pillows in those colors. Drape the blanket artfully, and arrange the pillows in front.

Add Shape

As Southern Living points out, color and pattern aren't the only ways to complement your sofa's upholstery. You can also add visual interest to your sofa with different-shaped pillows. The classic pillow shapes are square and rectangle. However, you can also choose circles, neckrolls, bolsters, and lumbar pillows.

For this effect, start with two large square or rectangular pillows on either end of the sofa. From there, experiment with mixing in a different shape either as a single center pillow or two pillows flanking another square or rectangular cushion. You can still use a blanket as a backdrop.

Master the use of pattern, color, and texture to complement your sofa's upholstery. Contact a company, like Heritage Custom Furniture, for more help.