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Choosing New Countertops For Your Kitchen Renovation

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Countertops are the finishing touch to any kitchen renovation. They are also the first thing people see when they walk into your kitchen so choosing a design, color, and material that stands out and is still functional is important. Selecting a countertop that is premade or having one created is a personal choice, though a custom countertop may be out of the price range for your renovation if you are on a tight budget.

Countertop Styles

There are so many different styles of countertops on the market today that you can literally choose just about anything that you want. The color, the material, and the durability of the countertop are all things to consider when you start looking at options. You may also want to consider how you use your counters how much time you spend in the kitchen because if it the least used part of your home, you might not want to spend a lot. Likewise, if you spend many hours in the kitchen, you want to have a nice surface to work on and the cost might not be your first concern.

Inexpensive and Durable

One option that is becoming popular in some areas because of the value and durability is concrete countertops. They can be custom made at a fraction of the price of other stone tops and if they are made right, they will look beautiful in your home. The contractor that is making your countertop will have you come and pick out the colors and finish you want on the finished countertop and then pour and form it to your needs. Once the concrete has cured, the contractor will polish it with a diamond wheel and sell the surface with multiple coats of sealer to protect the concrete surface.

Concrete Countertops Made Onsite

In some cases, the contractor building your new concrete countertops will do so on site. If the countertop has a lot of bends or curves in it, it can be beneficial to build it on location so that the contractor can form any complex parts of the countertop while checking and rechecking the fit. Once the form is finished and they are sure it is going to work, they can our the concrete into it, allow it to cure and then test fit it before finishing the surface. This can save a lot of time if a section is not quite right and needs to be repoured. Be sure you hire a contractor that has experience working with concrete countertops to get the results you are looking for and talk with them about what you want the final product to be before the process starts so there is no miscommunication.

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