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4 Design Tips To Make A Small Bedroom Awesome

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In a dream world, your bedroom would be a massive space that is open and full of possibility. However, in the real world, this is not often the case. Would you like to know a secret? The size of the room has nothing to do with its potential. No matter how small a bedroom, it can still be full of pizzazz and flair. Here are some tips for outfitting a small bedroom:

Match Colors

Consider matching the color of the walls in the room with the furniture. When you do this, you blur the hard lines in the area. For example, when your bed is black, and the walls are white, this creates hard lines that somewhat shrink the space. However, when the wall and the bed are white, this blurs these lines and creates the look of endless space. This concept creates uniformity in the room and makes it appear larger.

Use Mirrors to Brighten the Room

It's well known that a great way to expand a room is to keep the color palette light. However, this isn't your only option. Mirrors also open and brighten a room. Consider installing at least one mirror in the room. Whether it's the sun or a light fixture, the light will bounce off the glass, illuminating the room, and making it look brighter. Mirrors can give the illusion of a never-ending space, which can make it feel larger.

Incorporate Multi-Functional Pieces

A small bedroom with too much furniture in it will look cluttered, which is unattractive. You can still meet your needs in the space without overcrowding it by searching for those selections that serve more than one purpose. For example, a book with underside drawers can help eliminate the need for an additional chest of drawers. With this option, you keep floor space open while still getting the extra storage you desire.

Arrange Furniture Wisely

Just how you arrange furniture in a room will also influence the overall look of the room. As a general rule, never place a large piece of furniture in front of a window. When you block the window, you automatically shrink the room. In an already small space, this only makes the room feel smaller. Even if you don't open the window, keep it uncovered so that the light can flow through.

When it comes to your small bedroom, there aren't any limits. You only have to be creative. Have fun and make it your own. Contact a company like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses for more information and assistance.