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3 Tips For Buying Your Child's First Real Bed

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Raising a child can be overwhelming at times. From ensuring they are healthy and happy to providing them with the physical and emotional tools they need to grow into an adult, it is easy to see the stressful nature of parenting. While not one of the most challenging parts of parenting, moving your child out of their crib and into a real bed can be a big step. Of course, you may not know when the time has come for your child to make this move. Most doctors recommend moving a child into a real bed when they are physically able to climb out of their crib. If your child is ready, use these tips to help find the perfect real bed.

Size Matters

The move from a crib to a regular bed may not seem like a huge step, but the size difference can play a big part in your child's ability to sleep properly. Many parents choose to purchase the largest size bed possible to avoid having to make another bed purchase over the years. This can be problematic, since your young child will struggle sleeping well in a bed that is too large.

Avoid buying a full, queen, or king size bed for your child and stick with a traditional twin bed frame and mattress. You may not think the size is much different from a crib mattress, but it will provide your child with a safe and comfortable surface that will not become physically or emotionally traumatizing.

To make your child's room feel fun and cozy, consider investing in two twin beds. This will allow your child's friends to visit and sleep over without worrying about air mattresses or sleeping bags.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Even though your child is young, they should have a say in their new bed. Allow your child to pick out the design of their bed and test out a few different mattress options.

Since your child's bones are still developing, avoid buying a mattress that is too firm. You may think this firmness will help the bed last longer, but the hard surface could place too much stress on your child's frame, increasing the risk of muscle tension and discomfort.

A solid inner core with a plush pillow top is a great option to consider for your young child.

New Is Better

Another mistakes parents make when moving their child into a real bed is to purchase a used mattress to save money.

Considering used mattresses may contain numerous dust mites, skin particles, hair, and various pests including fleas, lice, and bed bugs, spend the extra money and invest in a new mattress to keep your child safe and healthy.

Moving into a real bed is a rite of passage for you and your child. With these tips, you can find the right bed for your young child.