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How To Reupholster A Chair

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You might be tired of your chairs, but you don't want to completely replace them. If this is the case, one alternative is to have your chairs simply reupholstered.  This will change the appearance of your chairs, but at a lower cost. The best part is that it isn't difficult to reupholster your furniture.

Remove The Fasteners

By examining your chair, you should be able to identify the fasteners that hold the upholstery in place. It may be screws that are screwed into the bottom of the padding. Or, the upholstery may be held in place by tacks. If it is held in place by a screw, a simple screw driver can be used to remove the screw. If the upholstery is held in place by a tack, this can be removed using a chisel. The tack will hold the edge of the upholstery in place. There should be several tacks across the bottom edge of the seat of the chair. By removing each of these tacks, the upholstery can be removed.

It may be difficult to remove staples that hold some of the upholstery in place. The staples are best removed using a special upholstery tool. One end of the staple should be lifted up using the tool. then, once the staple has straightened somewhat, pliers should be used to pull the rest of the staple out.

Remove The Stuffing

The upholstery will come with stuffing. Keep the stuffing if there is no reason to dispose of it. Then, you will be able to simply cover the stuffing with the new upholstery. For instance, you may want to dispose of the stuffing if it has been soaked in contaminated water and is moldy, which means you will need to purchase more. The stuffing might be glued in place, so you might need to cut it out.

Attach More Fabric

Measure how large the fabric will need to be. Then, cut the new piece of fabric out. Make sure to choose fabric that is very durable since you will be sitting on it. You will need to find replacement fasteners to hold the upholstery in place. Tacks can be put in place using a tack hammer, for instance. Make sure to place masking tape over the area where you will add the tack by striking it with a hammer. Otherwise, it is more likely that you will cause damage to the bottom of the chair