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Creating A Mission-Style Decor Theme In Your Guest House: Three Ideas To Consider

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When it comes to furnishing your guest home, you want to spare no expense to keep visitors comfortable. You also want to create a stunning look in the guest home that reflects your personal sense of style. If you love Mission or Arts and Crafts designs, here are a few suggestions to take into consideration as you begin shopping at your local fine furniture stores.

Stained Glass Lighting

Stained glass lamps and light fixtures bring the beauty of both Mission-style and Arts and Crafts design themes to your guest home. Look for pieces in warm shades of amber, brown, and gold to complement the richly colored decor theme, and look for pieces with unique shapes to add a bold finishing touch to each room. Some lamp designs to consider might include turtle or bird lamps, or you can simply opt for stained glass banker's lamps for each room in the guest home.

Leather-Appointed Seating

Leather chairs and sofas with oak-finished wood trim are essential to creating the vintage-inspired decor theme you want. Choose a matching pair of arm chairs in brown leather to set off a cream-colored leather sofa in the guest house living room, or choose a leather-upholstered headboard for the bedroom. Look for furnishings with nail-head trim to add a high-end look to each room. You can also find leather and suede pillows at many fine furniture stores, which you can use to complete your seating areas or guest bedroom.

Custom Book Cases

Mission-style homes sometimes feature built-in bookcases, which were used as focal points in rooms or as ways to define space between separate living areas. You can create this unique look by having custom bookcases built for your home. Work with your high-end furniture store to incorporate shelves and cabinets for storage, and ask the store's designer to work in stained glass accents and vintage-inspired hardware to create a beautiful, expensive look. Place the new cases on either side of the entrance to your guest home's living room, or use them to flank the doorway to the dining room to create a stunning place to display fine china.

Once you have the furniture and lighting selected for your guest home, you can begin looking for small accessories to complete the look you want. Choose items in rich earth tones, and don't be afraid to opt for luxurious fabrics, such as faux fur or velvet, to bring an even more luxurious feel to your Mission-style guest home.