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Three Ways To Make Money When Moving Your Office

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Moving your offices often mean a fresh start. Opening up a new office is often done to provide more space or to place your business in a more advantageous area in town. If this is your plan, the cost of a move will be diminished by the amount of extra income you bring in for your bottom line. Moving and its logistics can be stressful for a business owner. The cost of shutting down the business for a day or two and the cost of setting up utilities, address changes, and getting your office equipment from place to place to place is taxing mentally and financially. Here are three ways to actually make a little money when it comes to moving furniture:

Sell old furniture and buy new furniture

If you are moving offices, it can be best to get a completely fresh start. Though you may need to take office or store equipment, you can get new furniture. New furniture does not mean that the furniture has to be expensive. Find furniture that goes with your new office theme and purchase the office furniture to be delivered to your office. When you purchase new furniture, furniture stores often deliver the furniture for a discounted cost, which makes new furniture more affordable. Sell your old furniture in order to make extra money and to decrease the amount that you have to take to the new office. 

Sell excess office supplies online

Entering the online marketplace can make it easier to sell anything that you need. If you have extra office supplies that you will not need for the first month or two that you are in your new office, you should sell these online. This will decrease the size of the truck that you need in order to move items and it will pad your pockets to help with the time the office is closed. Moving fewer office supplies into you new office also gives you the chance to get a fresh accounting on how much you use each month in supplies. 

Give everyone the day off

It can be tempting to keep everyone at work the day that you will need to move. Though this can give you many hands on deck, it also means that you will have to pay employees for the day at work. If your employees are paid hourly, you can give everyone the day off of work and pack everything onto the truck with movers. By giving everyone a day off, you decrease your moving costs and can actually save more money than you lose in the move. 

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