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Dorm Room Furniture You Absolutely Need: Advice For The College-Bound

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Going to college for the first time is very much like moving into your first apartment. There is so much stuff you need, and lots of stuff you don't. What do you take with you on move-in day? What is an absolute necessity? The school provides some basic furniture items for you, but there may be other furniture items you want. Rather than discover too late that you actually need some items to make your place feel like home, here are some tips for furniture you should buy from a furniture store and take with you.

Bed Loft

Bed lofts have to follow university guidelines. So, before you take a bed loft with you, make sure the one you buy meets all guidelines and restrictions. Then you can loft your dorm bed and have plenty of space underneath for whatever you put there.


Dorm rooms are often quite tiny. Lofting your bed is the first step in getting more space. A futon that fits within the space below your lofted bed provides more room for guests to your room. It also means that people from back home can visit you and stay in your room because the futon folds out into a bed. Any furniture that can do double duty while conserving space is a necessity in a dorm room.

Extra Shelves or a Small Chest of Drawers

The dressers most colleges give dorm dwellers can fit the basics. Sure, you have your own closet too, but together these things barely fit enough clothes for two weeks. Laundry is a constant expense, whether you drive all the way home for mom to do it, or you find a stack of quarters to do your own on campus.

If you can, get the measurements of your closet in your dorm room. Then buy a shelving unit/bookcase or a small chest of drawers that can fit your open closet space. That way, you can take three weeks' to a month's worth of clothes before having to do laundry.

Trundle Bed

Sure, a futon will allow you to have a guest or two stay overnight, but what if you have three people camping out in your room? A trundle bed that neatly tucks away under the futon, which is under your lofted bed, gives you one more option you can provide for overnight guests. Since the trundle bed is on wheels, you can roll it out and to the side of the extended futon.