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Tips For Maintaining Your Upholstery

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Upholstered furniture can be a common feature for many homes and business. While this type of furniture may be more pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to use, it is important to appreciate the steps needed to care for these pieces of furniture so that you can avoid needing to prematurely replace these items.

Appreciate The Wear That Intense Sunlight Can Cause To Your Upholstery

The sun can be a source of wear and tear that those with upholstered furniture may overlook or underestimate. When the sun's light and intense solar radiation comes into direct contact with the upholstery, it can gradually start to degrade the fibers. This will have the effect of making the colors in the upholstery appear faded. You will need to prevent these harmful rays of lights from coming into sustained contact with the upholstery if you are to minimize this problem. Luckily, this does not mean that you will have to keep the furniture stored in the shadows as you can apply a tint or film to your windows that will prevent the most damaging energy from the sun from reaching the upholstery.  

Have Small Holes And Loose Threads Repaired As Soon As Possible

Over time, you are likely to find that some threads in the upholstery have come loose or the upholstery may have developed holes in it. These damages will usually start out as fairly minor problems, but these issues can rapidly worsen if they are not corrected in a timely fashion. Luckily, you may be able to repair this type of damage with a simple sewing patch kit. These kits contain a couple of needles and various colors of thread. Also, they may have small pieces of fabric that can be used to patch larger holes and rips.

Deodorize The Upholstery

While upholstering furniture can dramatically improve its comfort, it can also make it more prone to absorbing foul smells and other odors. This can be particularly problematic for commercial furniture as it may have many people use it over the course of the day. Removing these odors from your furniture will require the upholstery to be thoroughly steam cleaned. While this will require specialized equipment, there are upholstery care services that can perform this cleaning for you. You can help prevent the upholstery from absorbing these odors in the future by applying a fabric guard as this will prevent sweat, oils and other substances from absorbing into the fibers and causing these smells to develop.

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