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It's All About That Chaise: Six Ways To Bring A Vintage Chaise Into A Contemporary Space

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Want to bring a unique flair to a space in your home? Check out furniture retailers and sites to find a chaise that is right for you. These vintage pieces are so multifunctional that you can really use them anywhere you choose!

Six cool and contemporary ways to use a vintage chaise in your home are:

1.In your master bathroom. A chaise is perfect in your master bath, as a spot to lay-out clothing or sit and warm-up after a shower. The aesthetics are lovely, and it can make your bathroom seem very luxurious and indulgent. Look for streamlined chaises, such as a fainting couch, for the perfect size to suit a master bath.

2.For a dressing room. Position your chaise in a walk-in closet or dressing room for the perfect accent and only seating that you need in these areas. Choose velvet or rich upholstery fabric that will bring a sophisticated air to the space. Accentuate the vintage flair with crown molding around your doors and trim.

3.In your bedroom. Chaises are usually found in the bedroom, as they provide a great place to curl-up and read, work on a computer, or simply sit and watch TV. These bring a very distinctive look to your bedroom and elevate it to a master suite simply and affordably!

4.In the home-office. Another great place for a chaise is in your home-office. These can be tremendously convenient and comfortable for working on a laptop or completing paperwork, giving you a little work space and room to spread out your materials. There is even room for a pet to join you while you get some work done!

5.For a focal point in the kitchen. If you have an eat- in kitchen, place your chaise here. This gives the room a very casual and conversational vibe that creates the perfect spot for visiting with friends, getting-together with family, or lounging on a cool night. Try reupholstering your chaise in a more contemporary print or fabric- something whimsical or kitschy- to bring a cute focal point to this popular gathering spot.

6.In a studio or loft. If you happen to have a studio or loft in your home, a chaise is a great piece of versatile furniture to place here. For instance, it can be slept-on by overnight guests, used for working on your craft, or simply a comfortable place to sit while you get away from it all! Visit furniture stores to find updated versions of this vintage furnishing if you want to maintain a modern décor in your space.

It really is all about that chaise; if you are lucky enough to find one, use it in an unexpected way! These cool pieces create clever conversation pieces that will inspire and evoke compliments from guests and visitors. Furthermore, these are so versatile and multifunctional; visit furniture retailers and sites to see what chaises are available to fit in your home's spots and spaces.