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Create A Custom Housewarming Gift For Someone Special With A Side Table

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When someone moves into their first home, it is customary for them to throw a housewarming party and for all of the guests to bring them presents that they can use in their home. Unfortunately, it can be hard to show someone how special they are to you and how happy you are for them when you purchase a blender or toaster as their gift. A great way to show someone how excited you are for their new adventure in life is to create a unique gift for them. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way to create a completely customized housewarming gift for a friend or relative.

Purchase a Small Side Table

The first thing you need to do is purchase a small side table. You can choose to purchase one in brand new condition or purchase one second hand at a thrift store or yard sale. Once you are done refinishing it, no one will be able to tell that it was purchased second hand.

Sand Down the Table

Carefully sand down all of the surfaces of the table so that everything is smooth and even. Any imperfections in the table will be noticeable after you refinish it, so taking your time to make sure it is fully sanded down is important.

Stain the Table a Light Color

Purchase a light-colored wood stain and use a clean rag to spread the stain over the entire surface of the table. Be sure to spread the stain evenly so that there are not dark streaks in the stain when you are done. Allow the stain to dry a few hours before continuing.

Create an Outline of Their Initial on the Table Top

Use a stencil to create an outline on the top of the table where you want to create a monogram of the initial that their last name starts with. You need to be sure that the initial will be large enough to easily be deciphered when someone looks at it.

Use a Darker Stain to Make the Initial Bold

Use a small paint brush to paint inside of the outline you created with a much darker stain than the stain you originally put on the table. You want to be sure that the dark stain will be very noticeable when you are done. It is important to work slowly so that the stain does not spread anywhere you do not want it to spread.

Add a Clear Protectant Over the Entire Table

Once both stains are completely dry, you can apply a layer of polyurethane gel to the table to protect it from damage. You can choose a spray or roll-on gel to apply to the table.

When the protectant dries, the table will be ready to give to your friend or family member. Taking the time to create the gift for them will show how special they are and how much you care about them.